Why Latex Deck Coatings are Preferred in Exterior Painting

Latex Deck Coatings are gaining remarkable popularity over the traditional oil-based paint coats – thanks to the durability of latex coating. Latex paints are long lasting and cost-effective since they need to be re-applied less frequently. This is the reason why lots of people today are using water-based latex paints on decks and other exposed wood.    […]

Did You Make Any Painting New Year Resolutions?

2014 is well under way; did you make any new year resolutions? How are they coming along? Did you add any remodeling and painting or home decorating new years resolutions? There are generally 5 categories of resolutions: 1) health/fitness 2) relationship/family 3) business/career 4) spiritual/mental/emotional 5) home improvements Did you include a goal in each    […]

Venice, Florida Painters were Painting It Forward for Mother’s Day!

On May 11th of this year, the Burnett 1-800-PAINTING team was Painting It Forward to a Venice, Florida mom who was so excited to have her home painted. Here are some before pictures:                         And some after shots: And the crew! We all had    […]


Sarasota, Florida Painters are Cuckcoo for Coffee!

Have you heard the biggest sale of the Venice, Florida Starbuck Store was 50 pounds?! Oh, wait, that was us! Steve and I heard about the sale going on at Starbucks where every bag of coffee purchased brought a $5 gift card. I know it was on everyone’s mind to buy 50 pounds as it    […]

National Kilz Paint Your Wagon Award goes to…Burnett 1-800-PAINTING

We are so excited to bring home the National Kilz Paint Your Wagon Award! We owe this award to all of you who voted or even tried to vote for us! We couldn’t have done it without you. In fact, we won by just 30 votes! Phew! That was close! Way to go! This award    […]

Sarasota, Florida Painters is Still “Painting It Forward”

It was 2 days after Valentine’s Day 2013, and the Burnett 1-800-PAINTING team was at it again! We found ourselves blessed by the thankfulness and cheer of Bill and Summer Manda and family who gladly donned our hot pink shirts for the day as we painted their home in North Port, Florida without charge. Why    […]

Vote for our vehicle for Best Painted Wagon National Award?

Phew! The holidays flew by! Here’s to making 2013 another fantastic year for all! Wouldn’t it be great to do something you’ve never done before? Steve and I would like to do just that and we need your help!   We are entering our Chevy High Hat Roadster into the Painter and Decorator Contractors of    […]

Benjamin Moore helps you choose your home repaint colors!

Benjamin Moore’s site is fantastic! One of the many helpful features is their Explore Color: Rooms by Color section where you choose the type of room you want to view, and then they show you a great selection of ideas to get your ideas flowing. Simply go to Benjaminmoore.com, choose Explore Color, Color Gallary, then    […]

Reason #4 to Aim High With Your Goals in Venice, Florida!

As Napoleon Hill wrote, “You have built castles in the sky? That is where they belong! Now, work to put real foundations under them.” Have you ever had an idea you thought was grand only to have someone you share it with shoot it down? How do you feel? Deflated right? You were so excited,    […]

Reason #3 for aiming high with your goals in Venice, Florida!

The third reason to aim higher than you think you can achieve on your own is because doing so will make you a leader. What is a leader? A leader is a servant of many. “Really?” you ask. A leader is the last person many would think of as a servant, so let’s look closer.    […]