Embrace Your Dark Side: 5 Dark Wall Colors to Suit Your Mood

Are you tired of your white or neutral wall colors?  Try darker colors to change things up a bit; you may be surprised by the mood created with the use of darker colors in your space.
People always go for light and airy color to create a neutral space for decorating; but sometimes it’s good to embrace the dark side.Paint Finish Types

The following 5 dark color ideas can give your interior a unique mood – check them out to see if they can work for you!

Blue Suits Comfortable and Cheerful Moods:

Dark blue can create a wonderful environment in your bedroom and sitting areas. The color blue creates a somber feeling that suits a comfortable living space. Literally, a blue bedroom or sitting area could be a great place to enjoy the last embers in the fireplace or getting sleepy with a good book in hand.

Formal Atmosphere with Navy Blue:

You can change your space to a more formal feel when your room is designed with the right paint finish. Crisp navy blue is a good color that suits a business-like environment. Navy blue represents knowledge, power, and integrity, all the features you’ll want to bring to your work so it is a good idea to use this color in an office, study, or library space.

Make Your Interior Dramatic with Dark Paint Finish:

You can paint around the fireplace and make it a little more dramatic by using dark paint finishes on the wall. Dark color around the fireplace would make it the main focal point and a good wooden trim on a bay window will complement the mood rather than competing against the fireplace. A living room with dark paint finish types, even just as accent walls, will surely inspire a setting for conversation.

Deep Bluish-Green Inspires the Dreamy Mood:

A deep bluish-green-gray hue in your bedroom is not only peaceful, but it also drives away complications of all the angles in the room. This type of paint color in the bedroom inspires a good night’s comfort and pleasant dreams.

Look Glamorous with Glossy Paint:

You can give your room a glamorous look by using a high gloss finish. Dark walls, high gloss finish, and bright lighting will help to create a lively mood for any occasion. Remember that high gloss finish reflects a lot of light which as mentioned in previous blogs will highlight surface imperfections. Need help with surface preparation? Call a professional!